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Make sure that it does not expire within six months of the date of the end of your program. Passport services often take a long time, so be sure to start this early and keep on top of the process. There is a fair amount of paperwork you’ll have to complete, and one of the first steps, and the one you should be the most careful about, is the visa. Start this process early, so if there are any complications, it won’t foil your plans to study abroad. Our reviews and recommendations are based on extensive research, testing, and feedback. We may receive commission from links on our website, but that doesn’t affect our editors’ opinions.

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  • Many universities apply financial aid packages to their study abroad programs, so the cost is similar to a semester on campus, plus transportation.
  • You learn a few words and phrases no matter where you are, even if you don’t study the language.
  • That’s nothing short of amazing as all of their students have international experiences.
  • Colorado College is a historically black, liberal arts college founded in 1874.
  • You may also be able to get special funding for studying abroad through your school.

Lee University offers its staple study abroad experience in the United Kingdom during the spring season for those interested in studying there for an entire semester. During the 10-week course, students will travel to sites across the United Kingdom and study topics related to cross-cultural studies. With SU, students can choose short, long, or individualized programs that include university-hosted and externally provided options. External providers already have academic credit approved by the university for many programs. The Go Your Own Way program allows students to design their own two-week or longer study abroad trips through research and the guidance of an advisor. Multiple country programs are also available if you have trouble deciding on one nation to study in during your studies.

Can I Study Abroad For A Year?

She didn’t have to work overtime during the academic year leading up to the summer just to save up money for her trip. All she had to do was focus her hard work on her studies — and helped her avoid burnout while reaching toward her goals. Half of the scholarship recipients have stayed in North Texas, according to Fort Worth Abroad. Another two are still in school, and the other pair returned to countries they visited as students for a work or travel program. As mentioned earlier, the cost is a focal point of transitioning to virtual study abroad.

Is Studying Abroad Worth It?

As providers of study abroad programs for more than 50 years, we can attest that our students see an improvement in their foreign language skills in an immersion environment since they are “ love it forced” to use them. Walking the streets of Seville, you do not hear much English, and your daily life will involve transactions, conversations, and interactions, all in Spanish. With some digging, you can find research that reaffirms growth in foreign language proficiency during a study abroad program.

When you return to your home, you can add studying abroad to your resume to show that you understand other cultures and can get along with people of different nationalities. This can increase your employability, especially if you studied in a country that speaks another language. This is particularly true if you are trying to get hired to a position outside your own country.

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Universities are considerate of such emotions and often arrange for seminars to familiarize their new international recruits of cultural behaviours that are common there. America is only one of them with over 2.5% of its GDP invested in scientific research. Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Israel, and our friends in the east – South Korea and Japan – are among other countries with a spectacular amount set aside for STEM research. You could try to get a direct job abroad or perhaps find some personal measure of obtaining residentship.

As author Sue Fitzmaurice once said, “You must go on adventures to find out where you belong.” Study abroad is one such adventure and a vastly rewarding one in so many ways. When you study abroad, you will have experiences that can’t be found anywhere else, and the memories you’ll bring home will stay with you your whole life. Stepping out of your comfort zone to live in a foreign country will give you the confidence to continue growing and pushing your limits when you return.

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Now, back in the states, I look back on my time abroad with a critical eye, wondering if my time, stress, and more importantly, money, was worth it. I never got the chance to study abroad during my time as an undergraduate. Though with the virtual study abroad experiences that I’ve had, I would 100% recommend virtual study abroad to anyone who doesn’t have the option of in-person travel.



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