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I’ve ordered two oil paintings of Level B and Level C from this store. The Levels correspond to the descriptions on the website and the quality of canvas is very good. I had to use canvas retensioner/tightened because the way in which they were shipped pressed the edges and created indents in the canvas near the stretcher bars. Their stretcher bars and support braces are “dove-tailed” making them easy to come apart/snap. Many retailers offer extended warranties covering malfunctions, materials, or workmanship defects.

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  • The box is essentially just a wrapper for a very large, nicely padded protective case that houses a very large chunk of lens.
  • The final size would be the Art area + Frame width, which depends comes with the chosen framing style (ranges from 0.25 inches to 1.25 inches on each side).
  • First, it was the only one that didn’t have any uneven corner seams; every other frame we received had at least one corner where the frame didn’t fit together properly.
  • If you’re looking specifically for reviews on a particular product, try searching Google or YouTube to find out which site has more thoughts on that specific topic.

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The process took only moments and it definitely looks professional. And his team have gone out of their way to make sure I am happy with the pictures they have framed for me. The finest product for you is that brand if you have your heart set on it.

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We think the high-quality work is worth the wait if you value a well-framed print. But if you’re in a rush, Framebridge’s quality comes close, and that service offers faster results. I’ve been writing about home decor for Wirecutter for two years. I’ve also used custom framers and framed my own art myself, so I’m familiar with the varying levels of quality you might get. In addition to reading reviews from sites such as Apartment Therapy, Architectural Digest, Huffington Post, and Vox, I interviewed a colleague, Wirecutter kitchen writer Michael Sullivan, who worked in a framing shop for three years.

“I ordered a custom size frame, it was delivered quickly, good quality material and easy to assemble.”- Constantine K. “We were hesitant to order a custom frame with only computer graphic, but this worked beautifully with our artwork. Will use again.”- Catherine G. “Items arrived very well packed and in perfect condition. Items priced fairly for customer order items. Highly recommend Custom Frame Solutions for all your framing needs. Also, website has lots of helpful framing how to information.”- William A. “Just what I wanted to replace an old frame on a Japanese woodblock print. Frames here are inexpensive and are well-crafted. I appreciate the service very much. A long-time customer.”- GLENN S.

Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Claim your profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and connect with customers. I know they experienced some delays over the last few months but was told due to covidvirus their whole production and frame mold provider supply chain were effected. “Filmmakers intent on producing new comic-book movies”.

Every service delivered a well-wrapped frame, and they all produced decent digital prints, but the framing standards varied widely. To check frame quality, we looked to see whether anything was chipped, whether the corner seams were especially visible, and whether the plexiglass was scratched. Finally, we examined the back to see whether the mounting hardware was placed correctly; in one case, our photo came mounted upside down in the frame. View 5 reviews Do you like top quality printed products? Do you want to get somethings printed at affordable prices? This is the second frame I have purchased through art to frames and their products are great, they arrive just as ordered and are well packaged.

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We found some minor damage on one of our Framebridge frames, but its customer service was quick to correct the problem. But online framing can’t replace the top-notch quality and care that you receive in person at a shop. The majority of the frames we received in our tests looked professional and felt sturdy, but the materials weren’t as high quality as those of a custom frame, and none of the online services we tried offered glass glazing, only acrylic plexiglass. Acrylic is lighter and harder to break than glass but also easier to scratch . Online services also usually offer less customization—fewer frame styles and mat colors—so if you have a specific look in mind, you’ll probably prefer to go local. Using an online framing service falls in between buying a ready-made frame and going to a custom shop.



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